UT International Summer University 2023

In our summer programmes, you can focus on new knowledge, ideas and experiences. At the same time, you can also benefit by taking part in a great variety of interesting cultural and active study visits.


NEW! Courses in 2023


On-site in Tartu 31 July – 10 August

Juri Lotman: A Basic Introduction and Contemporary Applications

Estonian Language Summer Courses

Semiotics, Pop Culture, Animals and the Environment

The Politics of Popular Culture 

Digital Product Management

Practical Training in Design Thinking 


On site in Tartu 31 July – 12 August

Contemporary Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures

MegaData: Federated Machine Learning

Multilingualism and Beyond in European Context


On-site in Tartu 6 – 11 August

Technology and Society 


Blended course 5 July - 11 August

Agile Governments in the Digital Era 


The programme may be subject to change depending on the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic and/or other factors.

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Agile Government in the Digital Era

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The UT partial tuition fee coverage

Apply for the partial tuition fee coverage stipend for the summer courses in 2023!
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Blurred Meanings in Law, Regulations, Guidelines