Proposal for recognition with honorary decoration

Pursuant to the Regulations for Giving Recognition, adopted by the senate of the University of Tartu on 20 December 2019, all university members may make proposals for the awarding of an honorary decoration.

The proposals may be made all the year round but to ensure that the senate and the rector can make the decision of recognition by the end of October, the proposal should be submitted by 20 September.

In your proposal, please describe the merits for which the person should be granted an honorary decoration. An honorary decoration is not awarded to a person more than once.

The nominated person is a member of the university *
Members of the university include members of the university council, the rector, students, employees, medical residents, professors emeriti, associate professors emeriti, honorary doctors and honorary fellows.
Please describe as precisely and concisely as possible the person’s merits for which the university should recognise him or her.