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Marianne Liiv

Nerva's exhibition tours in the Delta

In the Delta Study and Research Building (Narva mnt 18), you can find two excellent exhibitions: Kärt Summatavet's exhibition "Dialogues: Mythology and Artificial Intelligence" and Nerva's exhibition "Sense the Inspiration". These exhibitions, organised by the Institute of Computer Science, are open to the public until mid-September.

During August and September, Nerva will also be giving guided tours of the exhibition in the Delta, and all visitors will be able to enjoy his exhibition with explanations and stories from the author himself. Nerva's tours are free, but you must register on Fienta to participate. The tour lasts for an hour.

The Nerva's tours are taking place:

Friday, 5 August at 16:00
Friday, 5 August at 18:00
Friday, 5 August, at 16:00
Friday, 5 August, at 18:00
Sunday, 4 September at 15:00
Sunday, 4 September at 17:00
Saturday, 10 September at 15:00
Saturday, 10 September at 17:00

The common theme among the selected pictures at the Delta exhibition is inspiration. Nerva explains: "A crown of a tree can be compared to the branching of one's thoughts; however, I like reversing this process: through the individual branches of the tree, I gather both positive and negative from the surrounding, and they all move toward the common direction until they combine into increasingly mightier paths, with the ultimate goal of a strong and clear idea, like a thick tree trunk, ready to be carried out. "

Nerva draws his pictures with the Wacom digital whiteboard on the Photoshop platform.

You're welcome to Delta for the exhibition tours!

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