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Erasmus+ Europe partner institutions

The University of Tartu's academic units have signed student exchange agreements with over 500 institutions across Europe. Each of these partnership agreements concerns a specific area of study, specifies the maximum number of participants, and the duration of the exchange. UT's Erasmus Departmental Coordinators are responsible for negotiating agreements with foreign universities. 

Some guidelines for choosing a partner university: 

  1. Choose a university from your academic unit's (institute/college/school) list of partner institutions;
  2. Make sure that the exchange opportunity is open to students from your study area;
  3. Take a look at the foreign university's website for incoming exchange students: what courses do they offer? What is the language of instruction? How does their academic calendar suit you?
  4. Consult your Departmental Erasmus Coordinator, Program Director or Supervisor when choosing a host university.

Partner universities for academic year 2021/22 can be found from UT study abroad tool SoleMOVE.
Choose your academic subunit listed under "Your home unit" and set the criterias for "Advanced search":

    "Type of exchange": Studying;
    "Exchange program": Erasmus+ Europe.

Partner universities for academic year 2022/23 will be confirmed by the end of January 2022.


Erasmus Departmental Coordinators




Language certificates

Most of the foreign universities require as one application document a language certificate – students need to prove that they have sufficient knowledge of the language of instruction of the foreig

Lähiõpe jätkub.

Face-to-face teaching continues in the spring semester