The Academy of Security Sciences and the University of Tartu enter into a joint contract for construction of a study and accommodation building in Narva

On Thursday, February 28, 2019, the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences and the University of Tartu signed a contract with the construction company Nordecon for the construction of a Narva Learning Center. Besides the cadets, also the staff of the Police and Border Guard Board, as well as the students of Narva College of the University of Tartu, will start using the study, training and accommodation building.  In addition, the construction will include a sports complex with a swimming pool, which is also open to the public.

The Narva Learning Center of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences will be managed by the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences together with the Police and Border Guard Board and the University of Tartu. Accommodation facilities and shared lounges for cadets and officers of the Police and Border Guard Board, study classes and a shooting range have been planned for the building.

Toomas Asser, the Rector of the University of Tartu, confirmed that the university had waited several years for the construction of a new building in Narva.  “By establishing a new student home, we will further secure our presence in the border town. Of course, we will further develop the opportunities for studying at Narva College, so that more and more young people from Narva, and from elsewhere in Estonia and abroad will come here,” Asser said.

Gerd Müller, the chairman of the board of Nordecon AS who is going to build the complex, said the complex to be built is bound to be very interesting because, similarly to the new house of the Tallinn Academy of Security Sciences, the complex will accommodate parts of multiple different purposes. Müller is confident that the new study and accommodation building will be welcome both among the residents of Narva and the students and staff of the Academy and the College.

According to Katri Raig, the Minister of the Interior of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, the construction of the newly opened house in Tallinn and a new study building in Narva are one of the largest real estate investments in the country in the last few years. “The state values education and Ida-Viru County and Narva,” Raik emphasized. “The sports center and the eight-lane pool will also be open to the residents of the city. Completion of the building is scheduled for summer 2020, which will create a couple of dozens of new jobs and bring hundreds of cadets to practice and study each year. Thus, we will grow the Estonian statehood in Narva and make the city even more secure,” said the Minister.

The 11,952 m2 study and accommodation facility to be erected at Kerese Street will be completed in September 2020 and will cost EUR 15.4 million (excluding VAT). The construction is financed from the state budget and an investment of 3.7 million euros (excluding VAT) by the University of Tartu into the accommodation complex. The author of the architectural solution of the study complex is architectural firm Kolm Pluss Üks. Following their idea, they conglomerated all public and semi-public spaces on the ground floor and placed the accommodation facilities above the street level. The atrium passing through the entire building has been subdivided into activity and recreation areas at the ground level. The outside view is dominated by various open and closed stairs.

Signing the contract in Narva at Kerese Street 14 at the site of the future building  took place on Thursday,  February 28 at 3 pm Toomas Asser, Rector of Tartu University, Tarvo Kruup, East Prefect of the Police and Border Guard Board, Marek Link, Rector of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, Gerd Müller, Chairman of the Board of Nordecon, Katri Raik, Minister of Internal Affairs and Tarmo Tammiste, Mayor of Narva, were present.

Further information: Heiki Pagel, UT Estates Office Head of Unit, 737 5110, 503 2021,