Alumni get-together 
“Back to the university”


The University of Tartu invited its alumni back to Tartu on 18 May. The first half of the “Back to the university” day was filled with reunions at the institutes, tours of the university buildings, lectures by legendary professors and revived student traditions. In the evening, there was a sing-along in front of the main building, a procession and a party in the sports hall.  

The event welcomed all members of the alumni community who feel a connection to their alma mater and wished to look back on their student years with former fellow students.

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Donate to the University of Tartu Seventh Pillar Fund


The university invites all alumni to donate to the University of Tartu Seventh Pillar Fund, which aims to support students in their studies and research. When the fund was established, it was named by the then patron of the University of Tartu Foundation Lennart Meri, who referred to the seventh pillar as the pillar of wisdom. 


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Back to the university


While you cannot turn back the clock, it is possible to travel back to the past days through memories and reminiscences. It is like time travel to the years spent at the alma mater. To the days full of endless lectures and seminars. To the sleepless nights when you had to prepare for the exam period, for writing and defending the thesis. To student days packed with wild and funny events or to nights spent in the parks and bars of the city.  Come and reminisce about all these moments, your fellow students, the most colourful professors, and what they said. Find your study building and the lecture halls you know, and remember what it was like to be a student. Come back to the university.

Strangely, coming back can also mean moving forward. That’s right – back is forward. How so, you ask. But that’s the way it is when you come back to the university to continue your studies here. Find a continuing education course. Come and earn another degree in a completely new specialisation, or step up the degree you have. Expand your world and social circle even further. The social network you build at the university is what will last. Who knows, you might even be able to change the world by coming back to the university as a mentor, a visiting lecturer, a scholarship initiator or a donor. As an inspiring role model sharing with today’s students and tomorrow’s world-changers the story of what university has given you and how you have put your education into practice. Come and change the tomorrows that lie ahead.

Just think – time in the entire city once used to run according to the clock of the University of Tartu. Today, the clock in the Town Hall tower ticks in its own way, but students’ life here always follows the rhythm of the university's clock.

Come back to the university and see that alma mater’s spirit and soul are in long-past yesterdays, the present moments and the tomorrows yet to come. The bond with your alma mater can never be broken. 

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