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The University of Tartu Counselling Centre offers career and psychological counselling, advice regarding the organisation of studies, support for students with special needs, peer tutor training and supportive workshops to students of all levels. On this web page you can also find other contacts outside of the Counselling Centre where you may find help and support during your studies. 


Where to find psychological support during difficult times?

The situation in Ukraine concerns all members of our university, directly or indirectly. Some of us are thinking of their close ones in the war zone, others are affected economically by the crisis. If you feel that your life and coping is disrupted, please do not hesitate to ask for help.

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If you need help with studies

See all study instructions and guidelines

With questions about your curriculum, courses, timetables, SIS etc, please contact the curriculum academic affairs specialist in your faculty

If you have general questions related to the organisation and regulation of studies, it is also possible to contact the student adviser at the UT Counselling Centre:


See how the UT Counselling Centre can help you

Workshops of Counselling Centre

Psychological counselling

Career counselling

Support for students with special needs


Book an appointment

For career counselling, psychological counselling and counselling for students with special needs, a booking is needed. Please use the booking form below. Appointment times are available for the following 30 days; new times become available daily.

NB! If necessary use Google translate for translating the form. For example in Chrome you can right-click the form and choose „Translate to English“. 


Where to find us

The UT Counselling Centre is located in the University of Tartu Library (W. Struve 1). Rooms 444-452, 454 are situated in on the 3rd floor of UT Library (see image and video). Room 168 is accessible via back door (Akadeemia street), 1st floor, right side.  

We are open from Monday to Friday 9-12 and 13-16 or according to the agreed time. Please book an appointment before coming.

 Staff contacts

Counselling Centre location in library


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Seek advice from fellow students

Sometimes the best support can come from your peers. At the University of Tartu new students are supported by peer tutors. There are also other options to seek advice and support from fellow students.

Peer tutors (for new degree-seeking students)

Buddies (for exchange students)

International Student Ambassadors (for students and applicants)

Student Union (for all UT students)


Student organisations 

To be more involved in student life, in addition to the abovementioned student-to-student assistance, which you are very welcome to join as a participant, there are many other organisations that keep you in touch with other students and help you take part in professional, cultural and recreation activities:


Student VISA and TRP support

Tartu Welcome Centre

Getting Started

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