Awards and recognition

The university recognises its members and prominent public figures for their outstanding deeds and achievements.

The university gives recognition on three levels:

  • central forms of recognition: the Contribution to Estonian National Identity award, the grant of honorary doctorate, the grant of honorary fellowship, the Pillar of the University award, and honorary decorations;
  • annual awards for university members;
  • awards and recognition granted by structural units.

All university members may make proposals for awarding an honorary decoration of the university.

The proposals may be made all the year round but to ensure that the senate and the rector can make the decision of recognition by the end of October, the proposal should be submitted by 20 September.

All persons who have been awarded a Skytte Medal, a Grand Medal or a Medal before 2020 have the right to receive a pinned medal. The respective application should be sent to the academic secretary.

Contribution to Estonian National Identity

Honorary Doctors

Honorary fellows

Pillar of the University

Honorary decorations

Letters of appreciation

Annual awards

Haridus- ja Teadusministeeriumi 2023. aasta keeleteo auhinna üleandmine. Pildil Tartu Ülikooli vivaariumi juhataja Sulev Kuuse ning haridus- ja teadusminister Kristina Kallas.

University textbook “Rakubioloogia” given the 2023 language award by Ministry of Education and Research

Sõna "eetika" värvilise kujundusega

Practical ethics handbook compiled by Kadri Simm won the best Estonian-language university textbook award 2023

Henri Pokk

Three rectors’ scholarship went to a student of the University of Tartu