TÜ õpirände keskus

Getting started for international students

Warm welcome to the University of Tartu! This Getting Started website hopefully helps new international students to find some relevant and useful information.

If you missed the orientation course please see the recordings and presentations of previous times here:  Orientation Course 




Before your arrival to Tartu

Practical information for incoming exchange and degree seeking students prior the arrival in Estonia. To help you getting started smoothly you will find answers to all kind of practical questions such as travelling to Tartu, housing etc. from Tartu Welcome Centre webiste.  

Tartu Welcome Centre

Visa and residence


Getting to Tartu




After arrival to Tartu

Find out your first steps for the smooth start at the University of Tartu! 

Practical information for exchange and degree seeking students prior and after arrival in Estonia, such as travelling to Tartu, etc. you will find from Tartu Welcome Centre.

Tartu Welcome Centre

Support services for students

Study instructions for exchange students

Study Information System and academic calendar

Study instructions for degree-seeking students


UT username and course registration

UT username and password (login credentials needed for registering to courses) will be sent to you by UT IT department email before the beginning of the upcoming academic year. Newly admitted students can sign up for the courses as of 28 August in the Study Information System (SIS) and registration is open until 18 September, 2023. 

All first-year degree-seeking and exchange students will receive the UT email address in the format and this address is used for communication with the University of Tartu. If more convenient, please forward  your emails from your UT email account to your personal email address.

Get vaccinated!

The University of Tartu would like to continue teaching and studies as normally as possible using in-class teaching. Therefore, it is important that we have as many students and staff vaccinated as possible. Check also relevant info on vaccination in Estonia. You can find the closest vaccination points here: Without registration, you can get the vaccine here.

Student essentials 

The Office of Academic Affairs informs degree-seeking students about important study-related information and the related topics. Topics like academic affairs, training courses, seminars, possibilities of studying abroad, scholarships and allowances, internship and job possibilities are updated weekly. 

Student newsletter

UT Sports Club

Internship and job offers

UT Library

E-learner's handbook

Checklist for new international student



Find your hidden skills during your study abroad with SkillMill!

In studies abroad, internships and working life, we constantly face new situations that require us to understand, improvise, communicate and adapt.

SkillMill is here to help! SkillMill is a mobile app that bridges international studies and employability by helping users translate relevant international experiences into soft skills learning experiences. It provide users with a safe and personal step-by-step reflection process, which helps them connect personal experiences with labour market skills and employer perspectives.

#studying abroad

Health care and sports


Open calls and application process


Erasmus+ traineeship grant