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Research is conducted at the University of Tartu in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Science and Technology. More than 1,000 researchers are employed at the 31 institutes of the university. This is where cutting-edge research is done, contributing through international cooperation to sustainable development and innovation and the preservation of linguistic, natural and cultural diversity.

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The University of Tartu is an adviser of the development of society. We seek research-based solutions to complex problems. We develop national sciences and help bring new knowledge to the service of society. We encourage both children’s and adults’ interest in science and support the development of the talented.

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University of Tartu starts the project "Climate awareness from school to society: empowering children, youth and teachers to reduce the effects of climate change" with partners.
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The University of Tartu supports its researchers, staff and students with up to €10,000 so that they could develop their research-intensive business idea further and start a company.
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The 18th edition of one of the biggest student pitching competitions, Kaleidoskoop, took place at the sTARTUp Day. Seven teams chosen from Kaleidoskoop Pre-Selections participated in the finals.
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The "Research news" section gives regular hints about interesting studies in various fields of research.

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