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Research is conducted at the University of Tartu in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Science and Technology. More than 1,000 researchers are employed at the 31 institutes of the university. This is where cutting-edge research is done, contributing through international cooperation to sustainable development and innovation and the preservation of linguistic, natural and cultural diversity.

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The University of Tartu is an adviser of the development of society. We seek research-based solutions to complex problems. We develop national sciences and help bring new knowledge to the service of society. We encourage both children’s and adults’ interest in science and support the development of the talented.

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A new study published found that genetic factors for a range of autoimmune and allergic disorders were important for human adaptation.
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Twenty-eight doctoral students took part in this year’s competition with 29 presentations, including nine in Estonian and 20 in English.
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Viljandi Culture Academy has joined NGO Slava Ukraini’s charity campaign to collect woollen items for Ukrainians. Knitted items are collected until 30 November 2022.
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The European Research Council (ERC) supports Christiana Lyn Scheib's research with a Starting Grant of nearly €1.5 million.

Highlights of research and entrepreneurship at the University of Tartu