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Research is conducted at the University of Tartu in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Science and Technology. More than 1,000 researchers are employed at the 31 institutes of the university. This is where cutting-edge research is done, contributing through international cooperation to sustainable development and innovation and the preservation of linguistic, natural and cultural diversity.

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The University of Tartu is an adviser of the development of society. We seek research-based solutions to complex problems. We develop national sciences and help bring new knowledge to the service of society. We encourage both children’s and adults’ interest in science and support the development of the talented.

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The University of Tartu, in cooperation with the Tallinn University of Technology, have developed a strategy and action plan for developing health technologies and services for 2023–2028. By the end of the decade, the strategy aims to have at least 200 research-intensive companies with international reach operating in this field in Estonia, helping prevent and treat diseases both in Estonia and worldwide.
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The three-minute thesis competition for University of Tartu doctoral students brought together young researchers of many disciplines.
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Experts see digitised cell line development as one of six key deep technologies for Estonia, with a breakthrough expected within the next twenty years. Estonia’s possibilities in this field are mainly linked to pharmaceutical development and personalised medicine, shows the Foresight Centre in its recent brief report “Digitised Cell Line Development: State of Play and Prospects”. The Univeristy of Tartu will offer strong research competence on these fields.
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Doctoral defence: Margo Roasto “The land question, ethnic antagonism, and the reception of political ideologies: social thought in the Estonian area, 1905–1916”

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