Career counselling

Career counselling helps students make decisions related to their work and education, plan and develop their career, and develop their job-seeking skills. All students from the University of Tartu (including doctoral students) can get career counselling, as can students of Pärnu and Narva Colleges and the Viljandi Culture Academy. Counselling at the University of Tartu is free.

A career counsellor helps students to:

  • better understand themselves (including analysing their knowledge, abilities, skills, interests, values, needs and characteristics);
  • choose their specialisation and make decisions related to their further education plans;
  • see and evaluate the real situation (including study and work opportunities);
  • plan their work life (including applying for a job, drawing up documents and preparing for a job interview);
  • if necessary, re-evaluate the situation and make new choices and decisions.


Book an appointment

You can book an appointment to the UT career specialist via the link below:

Times are available for the following 30 days; new appointments become available daily. NB! Please use the university e-mail address ( when booking.

NB! Use Google translate for translating the form. For example in Chrome you can right-click on the form and choose „Translate to English“.



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