The European University Association (EUA), which presently has 850 members from 47 different countries, is the umbrella organisation of European higher education institutions and national Rectors’ Conferences.

As one of the most influential advocates for the higher education sector at European level, EUA promotes the development of a coherent European higher education and research area based on common values. The primary goal is reaching structural compatibility in European higher education through establishing universally accepted norms and standards.


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ENLIGHT invites to online lecture on health and digitalization

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Some of the most common basidiocarp morphotypes in Dacrymycetes.

Doctoral defence: Anton Savchenko “Taxonomic studies in Dacrymycetes: Cerinomyces and allied taxa”

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Research news: ethnic roots of Estonian peoples, problematic use of social networking sites, reducing the fear of pain, and a novel solution for wound treatment