Organisation of studies

Studies at the University of Tartu are organised according to certain rules. For studies to be successful, the student needs to know these rules. During the study period, there are many options for individual planning and self-development. On this page, you can find study instructions and rules for students of the first and second levels of higher education: bachelor´s students, master´s students, professional higher education students and students of integrated bachelor's and master's studies. 

The guidelines on doctoral studies can be found on the doctoral studies´ webpage.  

  The most important document regulating studies at the university is the Study Regulations

  Official information exchange at the university takes place in the Study Information System (SIS): registering for courses, choosing modules, looking at timetables and study results (grades), etc.



Getting started

Academic calendar

Registration for courses

SIS info and help

ÕISi teated

SIS notifications and updating contact details


Exams and assessment

õppekava täitmine

Completion of curriculum

käsi tühja paberilehega

Academic fraud

You need help with study related matters?

If you have questions about your curriculum, courses, timetables, SIS, etc., please contact the academic affairs specialist of your curriculum (in your faculty). You can also seek help from peer tutors (available for newly starting degree-seeking students) or buddies (available for exchange students). If you have general questions related to study organisation and regulations, you can contact the student advisers at the UT Counselling Centre.

UT Counselling Centre

Peer tutors for newly starting degree-seeking students

Student buddies for exchange students

Cost of tuition

Stipends and allowances

Average grade

The average grade is calculated in the event of a differentiated grading system where letters are transformed into numbers.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of prior learning and experience is a process that allows skills and competencies already acquired to be taken into account for study purposes.

Course feedback questionnaire

At the end of each semester, University of Tartu students can give feedback on courses for which they registered.

Appealing against study-related decisions

Appealing against study-related decisions

Wish to study abroad?

Each year, a large number of students at the University of Tartu study abroad. You can find a study-abroad programme on your own, or you may take advantage of one of the many opportunities offered by the university.

Visit the UT Study Abroad Centre

Become a visiting student at another Estonian university

Changing the curriculum

Academic leave

Extending the degree study period

Study leave from Estonian employer

If a student or external student works in Estonia, they have the right to apply for study leave from their employer.

Publication Procedure for Graduation Theses

Regular or external students must submit their graduation thesis for defence along with an electronic licence.

Documents issued on graduation

On graduation, students are issued a diploma and diploma supplement.


Exmatriculation - deletion from the matriculation register - means exclusion from the list of students.

Need help with practical matters while living in Tartu?

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