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Study abroad is a transformative and life changing experience. You can live in a multicultural environment, develop meaningful and lifelong connections, get a different perspective on your studies and grow as a person. The University of Tartu offers high-quality studies, a modern study environment, exciting student life and an unforgettable experience. We welcome you to spend a semester or two in Tartu!

Application for exchange students

Courses taught in English and grading

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Practical information for new students

Getting Started guide is to help you to find the answers concernig your studies and student life at the University of Tartu. Tartu Welcome Centre is a team of local advisers who can support you in case you have any questions concering the process of finding the housing, all kind of registry services, finding the right healthcare specialist etc.

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Free movers and visting students

Free movers (or visiting students) may study at the University of Tartu independently, outside of any partnership agreement or exchange programme. International students of other Estonian higher education institutions are welcome to take courses from the University of Tartu as becoming visiting student here.

English taught courses for international students

Free Movers


Visiting students from Estonian universities

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Language certificates

Most of the foreign universities require as one application document a language certificate – students need to prove that they have sufficient knowledge of the language of instruction of the foreig

Lähiõpe jätkub.

Face-to-face teaching continues in the spring semester