Registration for courses

All students must register for courses they want to take in the Study Information System (SIS, or ÕIS in Estonian). The courses for which the students register make up their study plan for the current semester. Students can register for courses in the maximum volume of 50 ECTS per semester (excluding the volume of the graduation thesis).

Part-time students must register for courses each semester (except in doctoral studies, or if they only need to take the final exam or defend the graduation thesis to complete the curriculum). If a part-time student or a first-semester student does not register for the courses within two weeks of the start of the semester without a good reason, the student will be exmatriculated. 

To register for courses in SIS, one must have a username and password, which are sent to all new students by email before the beginning of the semester. If you have not received your credentials, please contact your coordinator at the UT. You can always ask your tutor for help with registration. If you fail to register for some reason, please contact the dean’s office of the faculty teaching the course.

See the guidelines for registering for courses in the SIS  

  By registering for a course, the student assumes the obligation to take the exam or pass/fail evaluation in the course during the semester in which it is taught, and to fill out the course feedback questionnaire in SIS at the end of the course.


Deadlines for course registration

Registration for courses begins on the date specified in the academic calendar and ends by the beginning of the respective semester. First-semester students and exchange/visiting students need to register for their chosen courses within two weeks of the beginning of each semester. Starting from the 2nd semester, students must register for courses by the beginning of the semester.

Start and end dates of course registration in the 2023/2024 academic year according to the academic calendar:

  • Registration for autumn semester courses starts: 
    15/05/2023 at 21:00 (2nd-year students and above)
    28/08/2023 at 21:00 (first-year students and visiting students)
  • Registration for autumn semester courses ends:
    3/09/2023 (2nd-year students and above)
    18/09/2023 (first-year students and visiting students)
  • Registration for spring semester courses starts:
    15/12/2023 at 21:00 
  • Registration for spring semester courses ends:

Students who have been on academic leave for the whole of the first year can register for courses either during the academic leave or within two weeks of the start of the semester. 

A student who returns from academic leave or a student who fills a vacant student place after the deadline for course registration is registered for the courses at the student’s request at the faculty, institute or college that manages the curriculum within a week of the end of the academic leave or within a week of filling the vacant student place.

Registration limitations

Courses may have requirements or specifics that limit registration:

  • compulsory prerequisite courses, 
  • completed curriculum/curricula,
  • completed course(s),
  • level of study (bachelor's, master's, etc),
  • curriculum,
  • qualification acquired, 
  • maximum number of participants,
  • form of study,
  • place of study.

Within three weeks of the beginning of registration for a course, registration for compulsory courses may be limited based on the faculty, institute or college. This means that students for whom the course is compulsory can register first. When three weeks have passed, the limitation of faculty, institute or college will expire and anyone can register if there are enough free places.


Cancelling registration

Students have the right to cancel registration for a course within two weeks of the first contact learning* session or within a different term specified for the course.

In this case, the student has the right to register for another course upon agreement with the teaching staff member in charge of that course, but only within two weeks of the first contact learning session for that course or within the term allowed for cancelling registration specified for the course.

* Contact learning means studies in which both the student and the teaching staff member participate at the same time, including studies occurring in real time using two-way audio and video communication.


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