Services and procurements

Academic publishing 

The University of Tartu Press is the largest academic publishing house in Estonia. We publish books, book series, scientific journals and university teaching materials on a wide range of disciplines. Although our main authors are the teaching staff and researchers of the University of Tartu, we also collaborate with other higher education and research institutions in Estonia. We are also open to publishing offers from outside Estonia. 

We organise the peer reviews of manuscripts, translation, proofreading, layout, design and printing. By agreement with the customer of the author, we pay royalties and organise the sales of books.

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Graphic design and printing services

The University of Tartu Press offers the design of educational, informational and promotional materials and fast, high-quality digital printing services. If you already have the design, you will most likely receive smaller printed materials on the same day. We print in both large and small quantities, starting from one copy. Larger posters are printed on a 1.3 m plotter. 

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Visual Media Service

The main task of the Visual Media Service of the University of Tartu is to live stream, record, edit and archive videos of the university's important events.  

We can cover ceremonies, public lectures, openings, concerts and other university-related events. We also record and edit educational and research videos and provide other video, photo and audio services. 

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Rooms for events 

The rooms of the University of Tartu can be used for a variety of events such as seminars, training courses or conferences.

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Public procurements and sale of property 

Public procurements of the University of Tartu are organised in accordance with the Procurement Rules approved by the rector of the University of Tartu and the Public Procurement Act of the Republic of Estonia. Procurements opened by the University of Tartu are published in the Public Procurement Register.

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