As a national university of Estonia, we bear responsibility for tackling challenges faced by the society, acting as a pioneer of the knowledge-based economy and promoting the attitude of lifelong learning and future skills. We ensure the continuity of Estonian intellectuals as well as the Estonian language and culture and as a strong research university, develop education, research, technology and other creative activities through interdisciplinary cooperation throughout the world.

Core values


Research-based activities that make us think critically, search for connections, pursue the truth and solve problems. Research-based activities are the criterion for professionalism in everything we do.


The academic freedom and autonomy of the university through which we creatively and devotedly implement our mission.


Openness to new ideas and in relations with the society. We rely on our traditions but are always open to innovate and contribute to positive changes in the university and the world around us.


Cooperation between people, institutions and research areas in the university, in Estonia and at the international level. We use new knowledge arising from cooperation for the benefit of the society in the most responsible manner.


A human-centred approach and individual development. Smart and educated people constitute the most valuable assets to the university and Estonia. We value the people who work and study at the university and create the best conditions for their development and selfrealisation as well as an inspiring work and study environment.


Responsibility. We realise the impact of our acts and omissions in the society and within the university. Our words and actions are filled with responsibility for the past, present and future.


We are one of the leading research universities in Europe, the centre of academic spirit and national culture in Estonia and an accelerator for the knowledge-intensive economy. We stick together and are an inspiring and open academic community.

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