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The University of Tartu is the largest and oldest research institution in Estonia. Half of the university’s 3,500 employees are academic staff members. We organise public and international competitions to fill academic positions. 

Academic vacancies

See postdoctoral vacancies on the academic vacancies page.
For more information on postdoctoral research funding opportunities, please contact the Grant Office.
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Doctoral defence: Ahto Salumets “Bioinformatics analysis of various aspects in immunology“

On 3 May at 12:15, Ahto Salumets will defend his thesis "Bioinformatics analysis of various aspects in immunology“.

Doctoral defence: Simone Eelmaa "The social categorization of sexual abuse"

On 23 April at 14:15 Simone Eelmaa will defend her doctoral thesis "The social categorization of sexual abuse" for obtaining the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (in Sociology).

ENLIGHT offers funding for joint initiatives in spring 2024