The University of Tartu organises a summer school that offers a wide range of high-quality multidisciplinary, international programmes for students of all levels as well as educators and young researchers. In addition to lectures, seminars and cultural programme we collaborate with business enterprises and governmental institutions to offer study visits that integrate academic approaches and practices.




Application period for UniTartu Summer School 2024 has ended.


Cultural Programme Printing Workshop

The Politics of Popular Culture

UniTartu Summer School 2023

Multilingualism and Beyond in the European Context

Kosovo Summer course Secessionist and Statehood Bids in Times of Crises

Secessionist and Statehood Bids in Times of Crises

UniTartu Summer School Federated Machine Learning

2nd Summer School on MegaData: Federated Machine Learning

UniTartu Summer School Practical Training in Design Thinking

Practical Training in Design Thinking

UniTartu Summer School 2023

Contemporary Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures

Summer Course in Multilingualism

Semiotics, Pop Culture, Animals and the Environment

Digital Product Management Lecture

Computer Vision in Space

Clinical Nutrition programme

Patient-centred Communication: Based on Motivational Interviewing

Disinformation and Societal Resilience

Civic Competence in Creative Cities: How Digital Innovations Contribute to Durable Democracies

UniTartu Summer School Synthetic Biology and its Applications

Synthetic Biology and its Applications

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The programme of Craft Camp

Craft Camp in Viljandi

International Student Ambassadors 2021

Estonian Language Summer Courses

Narva College University of Tartu

Russian courses in Narva

Viron kielen kurssit

Viron kielen kurssit suomalaisille

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

The University of Tartu offers several free MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) in English

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