CELSA network

The CELSA (Central Europe Leuven Strategic Alliance) network was founded in 2016 on the initiative KU Leuven. The network includes 10 member universities. The University of Tartu joined in 2017. The aim of the alliance is to support collaborative initiatives between researchers from member universities, in particular in the writing and submission of joint grant proposals. 

CELSA also organizes training courses and exchanges best practices in common issues such as peer-reviewing, education evaluation, research assessments, open science, and knowledge transfer.

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ENLIGHT invites to online lecture on health and digitalization

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Some of the most common basidiocarp morphotypes in Dacrymycetes.

Doctoral defence: Anton Savchenko “Taxonomic studies in Dacrymycetes: Cerinomyces and allied taxa”

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Research news: ethnic roots of Estonian peoples, problematic use of social networking sites, reducing the fear of pain, and a novel solution for wound treatment