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Partnership program of the University of Tartu

Co-operation with our researchers gives the company a competitive advantage and access to world-class development services.

  • introductions in laboratories and workshops
  • personal development
  • use of a researcher as an expert in the company’s development team
  • specific trainings
  • expert assessments
  • international co-operation network
  • an exclusive opportunity to be close to young researchers’ development projects
  • recruiting through advertising or simulation
  • project-based practice -– solutions with multidisciplinary and international student teams
  • mentoring -– the opportunity to direct future educators
  • problem-based learning
  • student research
  • management and development programs
  • specialized training for specialists
  • short motivational trainings
  • flexible e-courses
  • creative solutions for events
  • co-speaker for the development and directions of curricula
  • direct contact with the curriculum leader
  • team organizer for university -– let us know the expertise you need for the development of your area

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Tartu Ülikooli 2020/2021. akadeemilise aasta avaaktus Tartu Ülikooli peahoone ees
 Foto Andres Tennus/Tartu Ülikool 

University of Tartu’s career festival “Straight to the Future!” brings together students and entrepreneurs


Spin-off program events calendar

To register for trainings and events, please write to Triinu Lööve (