Main building of the University of Tartu 

Visits to the main building are organised by the University of Tartu Art Museum in the left annex of the building. 

Opening hours 
Mon-Sat 10-18 

Ülikooli 18, Tartu
+372 737 5385

Tartu Ülikooli aula
University's assembly hall
The assembly hall of the University of Tartu is located in the main building and is one of the most outstanding classicist interiors in Estonia. The main building was built according to the design of the university’s architect Professor Johann Wilhelm Krause from 1804-1809.

The mirror arch of the assembly hall’s ceiling and the area around the chandeliers was painted dawn red and adorned with grisaille-style grey-on-grey drawings of rosettes, acanthus leaves and ornaments. The restored colour of the mirrored arch is a reminder of the paintings of yesteryear.

All important events in the university’s life take place in the assembly hall: ceremonies, conferences, lectures by distinguished guests, concerts and other occasions.
Tartu Ülikooli kartser
The historical lock-up room can still be found in the attic of the university’s main building. Students who had violated public order or the university’s rules of conduct were detained in the lock-up. Detention in the lock-up was imposed by the university court and varied from a few days to three weeks. Many students recorded their stay in the lock-up with drawings, verses or monograms on walls, ceilings and doors using any means they could find. Painting, carving and writing were all equally good. You can see the original drawings made by students in the 19th century on the walls of the lock-up room.

University of Tartu Art Museum

Opening hours 
Tue–Sat 11-17

Ülikooli 18, Tartu
+372 737 5385

Tartu Ülikooli kunstimuuseum
The permanent exhibition of the Art Museum consists of sculptures – full-scale plaster replicas of the best works of Greek archaic, classical and Hellenistic art. They were bought for the university’s Art Museum in the 1860s from museums in England, Germany, France and Italy to contribute to students’ knowledge of art, history and culture.

Ornamental paintings in the Pompeian style on the walls of the halls form the backdrop to the exhibition. The paintings were completed in 1868, when the museum moved to its current premises in the left wing of the main building of the university.

Several ancient originals can also be seen in the Art Museum: Egyptian mummies, coins, vases, clay lamps and cuneiform tablets. All mummies have been exhibited in a unique mummy chamber since 2017.

University of Tartu Museum

Opening hours 
Wed-Sun 11-17 

Lossi 25, Tartu
+372 737 5674

Tartu Ülikooli muuseum
The permanent exhibition of the University of Tartu Museum, “The University of Our Lives”, showcases the university’s history and historical heritage as well as the history of the Tartu Cathedral as a sacral building and, later, a temple of wisdom.

The Crazy Scientist invites young and old science fans to visit his office and make friends with science and the work of scientists. You can also attend the Saturday morning science experiments of the Crazy Scientist and organise fun and playful birthday parties in his office.

The museum tours offer a unique opportunity to learn about the history of the university, the medieval cathedral and the beautiful Toome Hill, and to listen to stories about student life.

University of Tartu Natural History Museum

Opening hours 
Tue-Sun 10-18 

Vanemuise 46, Tartu
+372 737 6076 

Tartu Ülikooli loodusmuuseumi näitusesaal
The permanent exhibition “Earth. Life. Story” gives visitors the chance to wander through the history of the living and non-living nature of the Earth from the birth of the universe to the natural diversity of today. The exhibition features 8,000 exhibits of nature from Estonia and the world, collected through research: rocks, minerals, fossils, mounts, preparations, skeletons, herbal leaves, etc.

In addition to welcoming visitors, the museum carries out research and promotes nature education every day. The museum offers more than 50 nature and environmental education programmes to enrich the regular school curriculum.

The Natural History Museum is the oldest museum in Estonia, having operated for over 200 years.

Old Observatory 

Opening hours 

Sat 11-17

Lossi 40, Tartu
+372 737 6932

Tartu Tähetorn
Tartu Old Observatory, one of the most important astronomical centres in the world back in the day, is a pearl in the history of Estonian science. It was built from 1808-1810 according to the design of the university’s architect Johann Wilhelm Krause at the site of the medieval episcopal castle on the south-eastern part of Toomemägi.

The scientific work done at the Tartu Observatory has repeatedly changed humankind’s understanding of the Earth and the universe. Here, scientists have worked on geodesy, astronomy, seismology, measuring time as well as theoretical and experimental physics. Tartu Observatory was put on the map of the world’s science by its director Friedrich Georg Wilhelm Struve, who was the first to measure the distance of a star from the Earth in 1835.

Tartu Observatory Visitor Centre 

Observatooriumi 1, Tõravere, Tartu County
+372 737 4521

Tartu Ülikooli Tartu observatoorium
The Tartu Observatory Visitor Centre showcases the latest achievements in space science and technology and the profession of a scientist.

It is possible to visit the Stellarium during the astronomy tour. You can take a look at the telescope and, weather permitting, you can also view celestial objects in the evening.

We offer active learning programmes for schools in remote sensing, space technology and satellites, where students work independently on tasks, make presentations and participate in practical work.

Botanical Garden 

Opening hours 
Every day, garden 7-19, greenhouses 10-17 

Lai 38, Tartu
+372 737 6180

Tartu Ülikooli botaanikaaed
There are more than 10,000 species and varieties of plants from all over the world in the Botanical Garden. In addition to plants growing in the wild, including rare protected species, we showcase new ornamental plants to our visitors. You can see rainforest and desert plants in the greenhouses.

We are the oldest botanical garden in the Baltic states and have been operating in the same location for over 200 years. The garden was designed under the guidance of world-renowned botanists, Professors Ledebour and Bunge.

We offer educational programmes and tours for visitors of all ages.

University of Tartu Library 

Opening hours 
Mon-Fri 9-21, Sat-Sun 12-18 

W. Struve 1, Tartu 
General Information +372 737 5702, Borrowing +372 737 5772

Tartu Ülikooli raamatukogu
The five reading halls, computer classroom and gym of the University of Tartu Library are open to everyone on a daily basis. The students and staff of the university also have free access to group work rooms of various sizes.

Exhibitions on literature as well as of photos and art are displayed all year round in the exhibition hall and lobby of the library.

University of Tartu Academic Sports Club 

Opening hours 
Mon-Fri 7-22, Sat-Sun 8-22
Ujula 4, Tartu
+372 737 6280

Tartu Ülikooli spordihoone
The sports building of the University of Tartu has an athletics hall, five ball game halls, a sports hall (mat room and gymnastics), a boxing hall, a weight-lifting hall and gyms on three floors, an ergometer hall and a fitness club with a large hall (aerobics) and a small hall (table tennis). The storage building and cycling base are accessible through a separate entrance. An indoor climbing wall has also been installed in the athletics hall.

Several teams representing Tartu play their home games here: the University of Tartu Maks & Moorits basketball team, Bigbank Tartu men’s volleyball team, University of Tartu/Bigbank women’s volleyball team.

Various events have also been organised in the building: Startup Day Business Festival, the semi-finals of the Eesti Laul Song Contest, etc