Andero Kalju

About the International Student Ambassadors programme

International Student Ambassadors (ISA) is mostly volunteer-based programme and was first established in 2012. We are the international degree-seeking students studying at the University of Tartu.

We help prospective students get to know the university as well as lifestyle in Tartu. We can answer your questions or share real experiences of living and studying in Tartu. We make sure that students feel bonding between themselves and the university from the very beginning.

We represent our countries and the international student community in Estonia and the University of Tartu abroad (at conferences, festivals, fairs). Through our experience, you can start planning your own studies at our university.

We write stories on the ISA blog and create content for social media, including the ISA Facebook page and the University of Tartu Telegram channel. Additionally, we help prepare video content for the University of Tartu Instagram channel.  

As for current students, we organise events that integrate international students with the locals as well as help them navigate their future study and career plan.