The Europaeum is a network of eighteen universities in Europe established in 1992 at the University of Oxford on the initiative of Lord George Weidenfeld, Sir Ronald Grierson and Lord Roy Jenkins. Currently the network has eighteen member universities located in fifteen countries. The University of Tartu was invited to join in 2020.

The Europaeum brings together talented students and faculty working in the Humanities and the Social Sciences, to promote a better ‘sense of Europe’ through collaboration and academic mobility. The network’s main emphasis is on facilitating student exchanges at doctoral level. In 2018, it launched the Europaeum Scholars Programme, a two-year policy and leadership course for the most talented, energetic and committed doctoral candidates from within the Europaeum network. It is multi-disciplinary, multi-university, and multi-locational and focuses on contemporary European policy.


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ENLIGHT invites to online lecture on health and digitalization

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Some of the most common basidiocarp morphotypes in Dacrymycetes.

Doctoral defence: Anton Savchenko “Taxonomic studies in Dacrymycetes: Cerinomyces and allied taxa”

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Research news: ethnic roots of Estonian peoples, problematic use of social networking sites, reducing the fear of pain, and a novel solution for wound treatment