Stipends and allowances

On this page you will find information on the study allowances and stipends that students of the University of Tartu have the opportunity to apply for.


Achievement stipend

The aim of the achievement stipend is to offer recognition and support to students who have excellent study results while studying with a 100% workload. Students of all study programmes can apply for an achievement stipend starting from the second semester. The stipend will be granted for the best students according to the ranking list. The ranking lists are first compiled on the basis of weighted average grade. Only a few students will receive the stipend. 



Specialisation stipends

The purpose of the specialisation stipends is to motivate students to study full-time in areas of priority for Estonia. In addition to the specialisation stipend of information technology curricula, there are teacher training specialisation stipends for some Estonian-taught curricula.

Specialisation stipend of information technology curricula



Study allowances

Independent of average grade, students from low-income families or students who have a disability can apply for a study allowance. It is necessary that the student fulfills all the application criteria in order to receive the allowance. 

Need-based study allowance

Need-based special allowance

Scholarship for students with special needs


For doctoral students

Doctoral students admitted before academic year 2022/23 can receive the doctoral allowance and the doctoral student's performance stipend. 

Doctoral allowance

Doctoral student’s performance stipend

Smart specialisation scholarships for doctoral students



Other scholarship resources

In addition to Estonian government stipends it is possible to find other scholarhip offers from the University of Tartu Foundation, from the message boards in university buildings, from the web pages of different institutions and from the media. Information about stipends is also announced in the student newsletter.   

There are many scholarship programmes and opportunities for studying or internship abroad as a UT student.

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University of Tartu Foundation offers numerous scholarships and grants for students and researchers to recognise the accomplishments.

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The Ukrainian students of the University of Tartu fulfilling the following criteria can apply for financial support from the University of Tartu.

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