Good practices at the university

The core values of the University of Tartu are

  • research-based activities
  • the academic freedom and autonomy of the university
  • openness
  • cooperation
  • a human-centred approach and individual development
  • responsibility

Good practices support these values and the regulations provided in the bylaws.

Proceeding from the university’s main activity – studies and research – the university has focused on agreeing on good academic practices.

Teaching and learning


Good practice of teaching

Good practice of learning

Good practice of doctoral studies

Good practices of giving feedback



Other good practices and agreements



Data protection

Preventing corruption

Equal treatment

#for student #university
TÜÜE vana juhatus ja uus juhatus ülikooli ees

Student parliament elected the new student union board

#governance #university
teine volikogu istungi pilt

Candidates for the student union board have been announced

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Aiapäeva visuaal

XIII Garden Day: 24 partners will come to sell plants