The LERU-CE7 initiative is a partnership between LERU (the League of European Research Universities) and seven Central European universities, designed to influence higher education and research policy in Europe.

LERU is a consortium of 23 research-led European universities from 12 countries that has had a significant impact on research policy in Europe. The LERU-CE7 initiative has enabled the University of Tartu to participate in various LERU events and cooperation projects.

Read more about the formation of LERU-CE7.

Tartu Ülikooli Pärnu kolledži direktorina jätkab Garri Raagmaa.

Garri Raagmaa was elected Director of Pärnu College

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teine volikogu istungi pilt

Candidates for the student union board have been announced

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Invitation to ENLIGHT Teaching and Learning Conference 2023