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From Science to Business!

The University of Tartu and Tallinn University of Technology invite researchers to the "From Science to Business!" program for developing ideas in science-intensive entrepreneurship.

Programme objectives:

  1. Identify the business potential of participants' research.
  2. Introduce researchers to various opportunities for creating and developing science-based companies.
  3. Provide support in finding alternative commercialization options (e.g., creating a spin-off company or licensing research results).

Why join this programme?

  • In the seminars experts provide necessary information for starting and developing a business.
  • Business mentors and a network of experts support researchers and teams through various stages.
  • Universities take on the costly and complex analysis of intellectual property.
  • Opportunity to participate in community events and business festivals.
  • Participants are informed about future accelerators and funding opportunities.
  • Acquisition of practical skills (business model creation, elevator pitch training).

Learn about the "From Science to Business!" Spring 2024 programme:

In the pre-incubation programme, participants will gain the most important skills and knowledge for founding their science-based company and commercializing their research over a 10-week period.

Seminars will take place from March 13 til the end of May, typically every consecutive Wednesday from 16:00 to 18:00, simultaneously in UT Delta Center in Tartu and in TalTechs Mektory building,Tallinn.

Physical presence in the seminars is highly recommended. Depending on participants, the program will be conducted in Estonian or English. For eligible participants the program is free.

Seminars are interactive, and after having covered specific topics, participants can also arrange a separate 30-minute consultations with experts.

The programme is designed for researchers and research teams from the University of Tartu and Tallinn University of Technology who have a product or service, based on intellectual capital and/or infrastructure and keen interest towards entrepreneurship. Registration is open until the 8th of March!

More detailed programme calendar can be found here

13. March

Kick off seminar: From science to business

20. March

Prototyping and product development

27. March

Market Development

3. April

Organisational Development

10. April

Intellectual Property Management

17. April

Founders Agreement and Legal Aspects

24. April

Investors Perspective

30. April

Pitch Training

8. May

Networking event

22.-24. May

DemoDay - Pitch presentation

The seminars will be held in Delta centers's demo room (1030) 16:00-18:00 o'clock.

The schedule could be changed at any time.

Do you have to establish a company in the end of the program?

No, there is no obligation to establish a company.


Are also the students welcome to the program?

Yes, if they have a science-intensive idea and/or represent a research group.


Can all team members participate in the program?

Upon entering the program, all team members can participate in the seminars.


Is the participation in the program limited by certain field of research?

The program is interdisciplinary, and there are no restrictions.


What happens if I am unable to complete the program?

The program starts again in the autumn, providing another opportunity to join again.


Can meetings be attended remotely?

Meetings take place simultaneously  both in the University of Tartu and TalTech. Participants gather in a designated area in Tartu and Tallinn. If the expert is located in Tartu, the participants in Tallinn can attend online. If the expert is located in Tallinn, the participant in Tartu can attend online. Physical presence is recommended for seminars.


Do I need to already have a business idea to join the program?

You need to have a research based idea you wish to commercialize. During the program, you will determine which is the most suitable way to proceed

Time left to apply

Mentors of the programme

Programme participants

UT spin-off companies


Spin-offs are active partners for the university

A spin-off company of the University of Tartu is a company which, in agreement with the university, wishes to highlight its connection with the university for business development and whose founders and / or shareholders are the university administration company and / or its UT employees / students and uses the university's intellectual capital and / or infrastructure. Knowledge, information, intellectual property, experience, etc. are considered intellectual capital.

Any company meeting the criteria can become a spin-off. This gives the company an opportunity to use the university's brand and increase the credibility of its products and services by referring to scientific research.

We want an active partnership from our spin-offs, which, in addition to shared knowledge, also includes activities that support the university's core activities - teaching and research. In order for the cooperation to run smoothly, we provide each spin-off company with an account manager who helps to coordinate the wishes of the company and the university.



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