Transferable skills training

As part of your doctoral studies you are expected to reflect on your competences and acquire skills included in the learning outcomes of your programme. Transferable skills can be acquired either by work experience or developed via training.

Both courses and training events are provided specifically for doctoral students. The bigger courses include several skills, some 6 ETC courses can be divided into smaller modules. Centres for Doctoral Studies and the Office of Academic Affairs provide shorter trainings for those interested in a quicker overview of a particular topic.

Doctoral students employed by the University of Tartu can explore the various options by the HR department in their in-service training calendar. HR offers include leadership training, seminars, and a leadership programme (mostly in Estonian). 

The counselling centre conducts seminars to acquire study skills, take care of your mental health and support the planning of work life

While browsing your options, please make sure that you register to the courses and trainings that are mandatory in your doctoral programme. The programme requirements are listed on the homepage of your centre for doctoral studies

The following list of training possibilites will be updated throughout the year. Doctoral students will receive the calls for events via the faculty-based mailing list. 


The icons used after each course and training event indicate the intended target group. 

  Faculty of Arts and Humanities doctoral students

  Faculty of Social Sciences doctoral students

  Faculty of Science and Technology doctoral students

  Faculty of Medicine doctoral students

       mandatory course or training

Doctoral defense: Nico Benincasa „Phase transitions and gravitational waves in models of dark matter“

On 11. October at 16:00 Nico Benincasa will defend his doctoral thesis „Phase transitions and gravitational waves in models of dark matter“
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Best three-minute lectures dealt with mathematics, economy and wetlands

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