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Open calls and application process

You can submit an application for studies abroad as an exchange student in case there is a competition round open for the specific exchange program/cooperation agreement. The main period for the competitions for study abroad in the next academic year runs from January until May. Usually one competition lasts from 3 to 6 weeks and is followed by the decision made by the study abroad committee or the academic subunit within 2 weeks. Additional competition rounds for the spring semester  - in case vacancies remain - are announced in September.

There are many destinations for studies abroad you can choose from, do not hesitate to apply!

Competitions currently open

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Erasmus+ programme:

Erasmus+ Traineeship


From January to May: last day of each month. 






Tips for applying abroad

Competition calendar

Study abroad competitions are held annually approximately during the same time of the year. Please see below when the call of particular study abroad program or UT partner university usually takes place.

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