Futulab helps to find interns and employees

The University of Tartu Futulab, a platform for mediation of internships, enables organisations and the university alumni to find motivated interns and employees from among more than 13,600 students.

On the Futulab platform, employers can offer students internship and employment opportunities. As the platform is used by both Estonian and international students from different faculties of the university, it may considerably facilitate the finding of new motivated employees. “Students should think of and start preparing for their future work life already when they start their studies at the university. The job offers give them an opportunity to be in the information space and help pave the way to the future,” said Anneli Lorenz, Futulab leader and internship development manager at the School of Economics and Business Administration.

It is possible to add the offers free of charge and without logging in. To add an offer, go to Futulab website, click “Submit offer”, select the type of offer (internship or job offer) and fill in the fields.

In addition to making internship and job offers, employers can involve students in project-based internship to implement an idea or solve specific problems with the help of students of different curricula. 3–10 students work together on a project. Project-based internship is an excellent opportunity for employers to:

  • conduct research in cooperation with students (job satisfaction surveys, starting a new field of activity, etc.);
  • get research-based support to their activities;
  • find solutions or implement ideas for which it is not easy to find time alongside daily work.

See finished and ongoing projects here.

Project ideas can be submitted by 15 February here. For better results, the person submitting the idea is also the supervisor of students. The submitter’s main task is to explain the project expectations and goals, and guide the students during project implementation. The process is supported by internship coordinators. Projects submitted by mid-February will start in March and end in mid-June.

Further information:
Merily Heinalo, Internship Coordinator, School of Economics and Business Administration, University of Tartu, +372 5649 5333, merily.heinalo@ut.ee
Anneli Lorenz, Internship Development Manager, School of Economics and Business Administration, University of Tartu, +372 520 7062, anneli.lorenz@ut.ee