Lithuanian Days at the University of Tartu

A series of events will take place at the University of Tartu on 9-12th March, which include the opening a photo exhibition, the presentation of the novel “My name is Marytė”, a public lecture, screenings of prizewinning films and also a workshop of making the famous Lithuanian national dish cepelinai

According to Prof. Birute Klaas-Lang (Honorary Consul of Lithuania), the Lithuanian Days celebrate the anniversary of the restoration Lithuanian independence and as a series of public events the organisers wish to promote Lithuanian culture in Tartu, especially among the students and academic members of the university. Everyone interested is welcome to attend.

The programme starts already on the 9th of March at 12.00 in the lovely South-Estonian town Võru (central library), where the translator Tiina Kattel is presenting the remarkably popular novel “My Name is Marytė” by Alvydas Šlepikas.

10th of March:

At 15.00 the Lithuanian ambassador Neilas Tankevičius opens the photo exhibition “To Freedom. 1988–1991” by Vytautas Daraškevičius in the main hallway of UT College of Foreign Languages and Cultures (Lossi street 3). The exhibition commemorates the 25th anniversary of Lithuania’s fight for freedom and recalls the tragic events of 13 January 1991 in Vilnius. 

At 16.15 (Jakobi 2-114) the evening continues with a lecture by the well-known Swedish-Lithuanian film producer, linguist and translator Jonas Öhman on the topic “Blue and Yellow activities in Ukraine war”.
Jonas Öhman will shortly introduce the activities of his organisation “Blue and Yellow” in Ukraine during the active phase of the war as well as explains the contribution of Lithuanian volunteers in assisting the Ukrainian Armed Forces and voluntary formations. The lecturer will also elaborate on the different insights of this conflict and covers the possible actions which could be done in order to prepare for a similar aggression in the Baltic Region.

At 17.30 (Jakobi 2-114) the lecture is followed by a film screening of the Lithuanian documentary “The Green Musketeers” (2015, directed by Jonas Öhman, subtitles in English).
The film portrays the Green Movement in Lithuania at the time of the so called "Singing Revolution", 1987-1991, and its undisputed leader, Saulius Gricius. Participants in the movement tell their story; how a number of obscure hippie-characters, but with a clear vision and with mutual trust in each other, challenged the Soviet authorities and formed a peculiar vanguard of the Lithuanian independence movement. The Green Musketeers is a valuable contribution to already existing narrations for a fuller and better understanding of the Baltic regaining of independence, as it avoids simplified schemes and dives deep into the essence of the processes and people.

11th of March:

At 17.00 (Jakobi 2-114) screening of the Lithuanian film “The Excursionist” (2013, director Audrius Juzėnas, subtitles in English). The film is introduced by the lecturer of Lithuanian language and culture Tiina Kattel (UT College of Foreign Languages and Cultures). 
The film is based on a real story of a 11-year-old Lithuanian girls, who escapes from a train deporting her family from Lithuania to Siberia and undertakes a dangerous 6000 km long journey home. The film was selected as the best Lithuanian film in 2013 and also won the reputable film award Nika in 2014 in Russia – an award given to the best film made in the Baltic States and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

12th of March:

Saturday is dedicated to the Lithuanian food culture.
At 12.00 everyone interested is welcome to take part in a workshop of making the famous traditional Lithuanian dish cepelinai. The workshop takes place at the Tartu Catholic School (Jakobi 41) and the master chef of the event is the UT Associate Professor in Software Systems Raimundas Matulevičius. The cost of the workshop is 3 euros and prior registration is required via the e-mail (Sigita Matulevičienė).


The organisers of the Lithuanian Days:

  • Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the Republic of Estonia
  • Honorary Consul of Lithuania prof. Birute Klaas-Lang
  • UT College of Foreign Languages: Department of the Languages of the Baltic Region
  • Baltic Defence College
  • Tartu Lithuanian Community

Additional information:
professor Birute Klaas-Lang, Honorary Consul of Lithuania
tel 506 9749

Event in Facebook: "Leedu päevad 9-12 märts"