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The museums of the University of Tartu invite you to celebrate freedom on Museum Night

The national Museum Night "There is Freedom at Night" will take place on the International Museum Day, held on 18 May.

On Museum Night, the University of Tartu Museum and the Tartu Observatory are open for visitors from 18:00-23:00. You can visit the university's Natural History Museum, Art Museum and Botanical Garden from 18:00 to 22:00 as well.

On 18 May, the University of Tartu museums offer free entrance and the towers of the Cathedral can be visited with a EUR 3 discount ticket.

  • University of Tartu Museum

At 18:00, the interactive installation "Lifesaver" will open next to the entrance of the Cathedral towers and you can join the guided tour with the curators. The installation aims to present the achievements of genetic science at the University of Tartu and to combine genetics and music.

  • Tartu Observatory

At 19:30, the Tartu Observatory band will perform in the garden of the observatory. It is also possible to visit the observatory's permanent exhibition and its new display "Two Boys who Dreamed of Stars. Struve, Fraunhofer and the 200-Year-Old Telescope".

  • University of Tartu Art Museum

At 20:00 and 21:00, guided tours to the historical prison cell in the university's main building begin. The price of the ticket is EUR 1 and you can register and pay at the box office of the art museum.

  • University of Tartu Natural History Museum

At the Natural History Museum, you can enjoy the exhibitions "Earth. Life. Story" and "Unknown" and see a colourful display of the world's animal, plant and mushroom kingdoms. You can explore DNA and cell models and the trees of life that explain the evolution of wildlife, as well as read about creatures whose existence we are mostly unaware of.

  • University of Tartu Botanical Garden

In the Botanical Garden, you can admire 10,000 plant species and varieties from all the climate zones of the world. Coniferous varieties, shrubs and smaller trees grow in the Alpine Garden, adding fascinating forms to the slopes of the valley. In the Botanical Garden, you can also visit the exhibition "The Wonderful Anemones of Hiiumaa", where you can learn about the forms of yellow anemone and anemone nemorosa found in the wild in Hiiumaa, whose intraspecies diversity is likely to be unique in the world.

Find out more about the programme on the Museum Night website.


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