Startup Lab teams won special awards at Ajujaht

The University of Tartu Startup Lab teams CommuniCare and A Story won several awards at Ajujaht, the biggest business ideas competition in Estonia.

The best social entrepreneurship award (5000 euros) was given to CommuniCare, a team of the University of Tartu students from the School of Economics and Business Administration. In addition, CommuniCare won a special award from the city of Tartu (5000 euros) and from Saue municipality (4000 euros). In total, they won 14,000 euros for further business development.

The team began working on their idea in the Startup Lab’s Starter Tartu programme in autumn 2019. Ajujaht noticed CommuniCare's idea at the Starter Tartu mentoring event and gave them direct access to Top 100.

Among many other awards, CommuniCare have won the title of the best Starter team and tickets to the prestigious business festival Arctic15. They also won the Tartu City Government's financial award at the business ideas competition Kaleidoskoop.

Team A Story won the special award of the Tartu Centre for Creative Industries – an incubation package worth 3000 euros. A Story is developing an application that helps children learn storytelling skills. The idea got its start in spring 2019, when the team participated in the Starter Tartu programme and won an invitation to the EXEX Educational Technology Conference.

Further information:
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