200-year-old painting of G. F. Parrot to be exhibited for the first time in UT Art Museum

On 5 July, the University of Tartu Art Museum exhibition “Dissecting a Painting. Portrait of G. F. Parrot” is opened in the rotund of the Old Anatomical Theatre. This is the first opportunity to see the portrait of the well-known rector and professor of physics of the University of Tartu, painted by Franz Gerhard von Kügelgen 200 years ago.

“The painting was believed to be lost until 2016, when by a lucky chance it found its way back to Estonia from the USA and now belongs to the University of Tartu. We are very pleased to be able to display the newly restored painting and dissect the different aspects of the story of the painting. The exhibition introduces the history of the portrait of Parrot, the story of its making, disappearing and finding,” says curator Ingrid Sahk. In addition, the event displays portraits of other great Germans painted by F. G. von Kügelgen, belonging to the university.

This exhibition has an added emotional value due to its venue – the historical and interesting rotund of the Old Anatomical Theatre, which is usually closed for individual visitors but accessible for everyone during this exhibition.

The exhibition celebrates the 250th anniversary of Georg Friedrich Parrot and during summer months involves several programmes for both grownup and small art-loving audience:

·      29 July at 11 Crazy Scientist’s Saturday morning experiments “Colours and vision”

·      15 August at 12 “Dissecting the painting. Studies of pigments and other aspects”. Prof. Hilkka Hiiop introduces technical research and analyses conducted on Parrot’s portrait.

·      29 August at 12 “Dissecting the painting. Secrets of the painting technique.” Artist and lecturer Rauno Thomas Moss explains the painting process in F. G. Kügelgen’s era and demonstrates the different stages in painting.

In addition to the painting exhibition, also an electricity exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of G. F. Parrot is opened on 5 July in the main building of the University of Tartu Museum, the historical cathedral.

The exhibition displays a unique collection of the museum – the oldest electrical experiment equipment in Estonia, from Parrot’s physics laboratory 200 years ago. Hands-on exhibits are of great importance in the exhibition, helping to better understand the topic of electricity by trying and testing.

The exhibition in the Old Anatomical Theatre is open for visitors Tue–Sun 10–18 and remains open until 3 September 2017.

Additional information: Ingrid Sahk, 502 6168, ingrid.sahk@ut.ee

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