Best spatial planning solutions sought for university units

On 7 and 8 March, researchers from the universities of Estonia and other Baltic Sea countries get together in the assembly hall of the University of Tartu to discuss different spatial planning possibilities for universities at the Liveable City Forum.

How the units of the University of Tartu are distributed and located in Tartu is a topic that concerns and affects the development of the whole city. Currently there are two spatial planning and development processes going on in Tartu – designing of the Delta academic building by the river Emajõgi, and finding an urban-spatial solution for the Maarjamõisa campus. The forum discusses the principles of the spatial development of university buildings, relations with the urban space, environmental relationships, smart migration and creative industries.

"Today, the cities and universities compete with each other globally to attract capable students, lecturers and researchers. It is important to offer them not only excellent academic quality and good study conditions, but also a varied and smoothly functioning living environment. This is why the issues of the university campus development and urban-spatial relations are topical also on the international level, and it is good that researchers and officials of universities and cities all over Europe speak at the forum and participate in the discussion," says UT lecturer of environmental protection Age Poom.

The working language of the forum is English.

Further information is available at the forum website.

The seminar is organised in cooperation with Tartu City Government and other university cities of the Baltic Sea region.

Additional information: Age Poom, lecturer of environmental protection, 505 9810,

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