Candidates for deans announced: submit your question to the candidates

Today, on 2 October, the election committee approved the candidates for the deans of all the four faculties.

Candidates for the dean in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities are Professor of Church History Riho Altnurme and Professor of Medieval History Anti Selart, in the Faculty of Social Sciences Professor of Macroeconomics Raul Eamets, in the Faculty of Medicine Professor of Propaedeutics of Internal Medicine Margus Lember and Professor of Family Medicine Ruth Kalda, and in the Faculty of Science and Technology Senior Research Fellow in Geology Leho Ainsaar and Professor of Programming Languages Semantics Varmo Vene.

From today to 7 October, the entire university community is invited to submit questions to the candidates. To ensure that the candidates have time for daily work besides answering the questions, the Communication Unit will choose 10 questions to which the candidates are expected to answer by 15 October. The questions and answers will be published on the university’s intranet and website on the morning of 16 October.

Electronic voting will be used in the deans elections for the first time. The elections may have up to three voting rounds. The first voting round is held on 22 October 00:00–18:00. In case the dean is not elected in the first round, the second round of voting takes place on 23 October and the third and final round, if necessary, on 24 October. The elections are prepared and organised by a six-member election committee.

The deans are elected by electoral bodies of the faculties. The electoral body comprises the academic staff members of the faculty, whose workload as teaching and/or research staff is at least 20 hours per week, and the student representatives in the faculty council and in the councils of institutes and colleges of the faculty.

The elected deans will start work on 1 January 2020.

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