Company law initiative to be discussed in Tallinn

September 4-5, 2017 the European Company Law and Corporate Governance Conference will take place in Tallinn to discuss necessary changes in the existing EU company law.

The conference is planned to cover three different areas of interest: the digital company law, the cross-border mobility of companies (cross-border mergers, divisions and transfers of registered office i.e. conversions) and applicable law in company law matters.

Deputy Secretary General for legislative policy of the Ministry of Justice of Estonia Kai Härmand said that EU companies have used the opportunity of cross-border mergers for ten years. „At the same time, rules concerning cross-border divisions and cross-border conversions of companies represent significant missing parts in EU company law,“ said Kai Härmand.

„Free movement of persons is one of the greatest advantages of EU membership. On a daily basis we all experience the gains of free movement of people and we believe that simple rules of cross border movement should also apply to companies,“ added Ms Härmand. „The movement should be possible without unreasonable bureaucracy and using digital solutions as much as possible.“

According to its work program for the 2017, the European Commission intends to 'present a company law initiative to facilitate the use of digital technologies throughout a company’s lifecycle and cross-border mergers and divisions'. The aim of the conference is to bring together stakeholders to discuss possible necessary changes in the existing EU company law framework.

21st European Company Law and Corporate Governance Conference is organised by the Estonian Ministry of Justice as part of the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU in cooperation with the European Commission and is partnered by EY and University of Tartu.

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