Dorpater Dozentenabend international faculty club season’s opening meeting

Meet other foreign researchers and professors at the University of Tartu’s international faculty club Dorpater Dozentenabend on 22 October at 19:00 at Drinkgeld (Ülikooli 20, on the ground floor of the University Café).

The evening’s presentation will be by David Ilmar Lepasaar Beecher, the first Expatriate Estonian Visiting Professor, on “Home & Exile: Tartu’s Place in Me and the World”. David, in his role as the Expatriate Estonian Professor, will be presiding the Dozentenabend events throughout the academic year and has proposed that home and exile could be leitmotifs of the entire season, an invitation to reflect on whether we create home or home creates us, and how home and exile figure in various cultures and academic disciplines from the study of cyberspace to outerspace.

Further information: Lauri Randveer, Senior Specialist of International Cooperation,