Four new partners join ADAPTER

Today, on 26 April the current and new partners of the research and entrepreneurship cooperation platform meet in Tartu. The new partners joining ADAPTER are the Tallinn University of Applied Sciences, Tartu Observatory, Software Technologies Development Centre and National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics.

Created in the cooperation of universities and oriented mainly to business enterprises, the network has since its opening in October 2016 mediated more than one hundred enquiries, which concerned different topics from developing natural cosmetics series to nanotechnological welding electrode coatings to reduce harmful welding fumes. ADAPTER’s partners have entered into several new cooperation contracts with enterprises, conducted a number of different measurements and analyses, and directed the enterprises towards optimum solutions.

Today, Tartu Observatory, National Insttute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics (KBFI), Tallinn University of Applied Sciences and Software Technologies Development Centre (STACC) join the founders of ADAPTER, the six public universities of Estonia. 

“Each new partner brings new and important competences, new capabilities in terms of equipment, and new cooperation possibilities. For example, Tartu Observatory offers consultations and measurements of electromagnetic compatibility which are of utmost importance for the electronics industry, KBFI has top-level specialists in determination of the composition of different substances, Tallinn University of Applied Sciences provides a number of opportunities for the construction and metal industry, and STACC opens up new possibilities in the area of data mining and big data,” said Siim Kinnas, the ADAPTER project manager at the University of Tartu.

ADAPTER is the Estonian research and development institutions’ enterpreneurship cooperation platform, which aims to offer enterprises a quick and easy way for cooperation with all the universities, institutions of higher education and other research and development institutions in Estonia.

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