Garage48 Hardware & Arts 2017 hackathon is open for registration

On February 17-19th the Garage48 Hardware & Arts 2017 is happening again at the Institute of Physics, University of Tartu in Tartu, Estonia. The hackathon gathers electronics, mechatronics and software engineers, UI/UX and product designers, marketers and other professionals for 48 hours under the same roof.

The goal is to turn a pitched idea into a working physical prototype. The annual event is taking place already for the 4th time, being it one of the most awaited prototyping boot-camps in the Baltic region.

No idea is too crazy or complicated - be it an air filtering helmet, a virtual reality augmented cocoon for doing sports, a music visualizing gadget block, automated camera trigger for outdoor photographers, a porridge machine, a bullet counter etc. Everything is possible to make into reality thanks to our incredible mentors and the people behind ECCOM, SPARK MakerLab and MassPortal, who will be providing the teams with valuable tools and know-how. There is also an extensive list of equipment that the product designers and engineers can enjoy and a open DigiLab for all things innovative!

Garage48 Hardware & Arts 2017 is co-organised with the University of Tartu and Estonian Academy of Arts. So whether you are a product or UI/UX designer, marketer, entrepreneur, hardware or software engineer, be ready to build the products that we all need, want and dream of! Think of robots, drones, wearables, AI, design, mixed reality, IoT, sensors, sci-fi and Elon Jobs. Or as our motto goes - You can be anything you can build to be!

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