International security students from California enjoyed the winter in Tartu

In the course of this winter the students from San Diego State University (USA) studied for the 12th time at the University of Tartu. Of the 15 students who participated the majority were from the international security and conflict resolution program. Upon arrival in Tartu they were greeted by frosty weather and snow-covered streets, which was a first-time experience for many of them.

In regard of the relations between Estonia and Russia the students were given an overview of our mutual history, cooperation and future perspectives. Special attention was accorded to regional security and cooperation with NATO, as well as to introducing Estonia as an e-state. Lectures were delivered by the university’s highly acclaimed lecturers Piret Ehin, Mihkel Solvak, Andrey Makarychev and Heiko Pääbo from John Skytte Institute of Political Studies. In addition, some of the lectures were held by external experts. The personal stories conveyed by Piret Ehin about the challenges after the restoration of independence were greatly appreciated by the students as the stories gave them a better understanding of the complexity of the transitional period of the 1990s.

San Diego State University professor Allen Greb explains why he makes annual trips to Estonia with his students: “It is an outstanding program that continues to amaze and enlighten our ISCOR and SDSU students. Always great to come back because of the great work and preparation by University of Tartu organizers. This is not the “usual suspect” European program; it offers something very different and unique for our students”. The feedback from the students has always been very positive. For example, Hayden Pierce Steger who participated in the program stated: “The whole program was organized excellently. The structure, all activities and trips were perfect. All lecturers were genuinely interested in us and professionals.”

The academic lectures and seminars were supplemented by a rich cultural program in Tartu, St. Petersburg and Tallinn.

The program for the students from San Diego State University is a part of the year-round international continuing education program of University of Tartu. At the moment, application process is open to International Summer University. Visit for further information.

Further information: Mari-Ann Susi, Program Director for International Summer University, University of Tartu, +372 501 4388,