New Counselling Centre opens doors to students

The Study Department of the University of Tartu opened the doors on the new offices of its Counselling Centre to students at all levels of study this week. The centre is now based in the university’s library. The counsellors at the centre help students think about their studies and careers and draw up a personal development plan to enhance their skills and knowledge. It is important to the centre to reach every student at the university. Given that the library is one of the most important hubs for the student body of any university, the decision was taken to set up the centre’s new offices precisely there. In addition to advice on the organisation of studies and careers, the counsellors at the centre share information about training and seminars. Working with tutors i.e. counsellors who are students themselves, the staff at the centre are available to help undergraduates who speak either English or Estonian. Students will find it worthwhile approaching the counsellors as soon as possible so that the plans drawn up early on in their studies at the university can be successfully implemented or, if necessary, amended in good time. The Counselling Centre aims to offer high-quality, impartial, confidential and relevant advice that is available to the entire student body. More information about the centre can be found online at Additional information:
Kristel Mikkor, Head of Office of Academic Affairs, 737 5508,