New official video in English for the University of Tartu

The new official video for the university creates a vivid picture of the inspiring environment of Tartu and UT. It creates interest in studying and working in Tartu and cooperating with the University of Tartu. The main target group of the video is foreigners with no previous knowledge of the university.

The University of Tartu senior specialist for international marketing Eveli Soo describes the new official video as follows, “We often visit foreign universities with the aim of building partner relations and organise info sessions in foreign countries about studying at the University of Tartu. Frequently visitors come to the university in Tartu – to attend conferences, seminars, winter and summer schools, etc. We have a presentation introducing the university, but we were missing illustrating material that that could better convey the nature of the University of Tartu. Thanks to the funding by UT Development Fund we were able make a brand new official video.”

The video tells a story of an international student who decided to stay in Estonia after graduation from the University of Tartu, as studying at the university was such an unforgettable experience. A number of current international students stay in Estonia, working mainly in IT companies. “We often fail to notice the environment around us, but when I hear international students speaking enthusiastically about the university, Tartu and Estonia, and how they would like to stay here after graduation, it also gives me new inspiration,” said Eveli Soo.

The video was made in autumn 2016 by the UT Marketing and Communication Office and its use for introducing the University of Tartu is welcomed. You can watch this video here: Youtube. The video can be downloaded here: UTTV

Additional information:

Eveli Soo, senior specialist for international marketing, +372 737 6114,

Viivika Eljand-Kärp Press Officer of the UT Phone: +372 737 5683
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