Polish Culture Days offer Polish cuisine and songs

Polish Culture Days are held in Tartu from 7–9 April. The programme of this minifestival includes lectures, workshops and various activities both for grownups and children.

The lectures introduce unique Polish Easter traditions, speak about places to visit when travelling in Poland, and the most widely held superstitions in the Polish culture. In the workshops everyone can learn Polish folk dances and songs, make dumplings and colour Easter eggs. Many events are free for everyone interested and thanks to cooperation with Genialistide Klubi and Tartu Toy Museum, you can also find several family events in the weekend programme. 

The Polish Culture Days in UT College of Foreign Languages and Cultures are led by visiting lecturer of Polish language and culture Joanna Dagmara Dobosz, who has been with the University of Tartu since 2014 already. Although the Polish language is quite difficult to pronounce and its grammar is regarded among the most complex ones in the world, there are approximately 30 learners every year who are willing to take the challenge. Thanks to Joanna’s close cooperation with the Ministry of Research and Education of Poland, the best language learners can participate in summer universities in Poland free of charge every year.  Also, the lecturer has initiated the “Polish Club in Tartu” in the university, which joins Poles living in Estonia as well as everyone else interested in the Polish culture.

In addition to Dobosz, also visiting lecturers from the University of Silesia and members of the Polish community in Tartu deliver the lectures, workshops and other activities. According to the lecturer of the Polish language, all the organisers are really dedicated and also passionate about the Estonian language and they are looking forward to sharing their experience, “We can't wait to bring some of the sounds and tastes of home for you to enjoy! We have a lot to tell and we hope there will be many who listen, so we can share and experience it all together!”

The Polish Culture Days programme can be found on the event website and in Facebook.

Additional information: Joanna Dagmara Dobosz, UT College of Foreign Languages and Cultures, visiting lecturer of Polish language and culture.

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