Political scientists of the University of Tartu hold a seminar on the US presidential election

Today, on 4 November, a day after the US presidential election, a seminar takes place in the Delta Centre to analyse the election results. The seminar is in English and open to everyone interested in politics. It is also possible to attend the event on Zoom. 

The 2020 US presidential election has been turbulent. The country is more polarized than ever before and the stakes are high. The elections and the role of the USA in the world will be discussed by political experts of the University of Tartu: Senior Research Fellow in Technology Research Mihkel Solvak, Research Fellow of the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies Liisa Talving, Teacher of Public Administration Hector Charles Pagan and 3rd-year student of Government and Politics Laura Vilbiks. The discussion will be moderated by Junior Research Fellow in Comparative Politics Louis John Wierenga. 

Both Louis Wierenga and Hector Pagan are US citizens entitled to vote, so their view will give a clearer and more detailed overview of the background and peculiarities of the US presidential election.  

The seminar analysing the election starts at 18 and lasts for about two hours. The event takes place in room 1037 of the Delta Centre, but it is also possible to join the event on Zoom. Participants (both in Delta and on Zoom) are required to sign up using the online form.

Further information: Louis John Wierenga, Junior Research Fellow in Comparative Politics, louis.wierenga@ut.ee

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