Portrait of Rector Parrot thought to be missing arrived at UT

The portrait of Rector Georges Frédéric Parrot by Gerhard von Kügelgen has arrived back at UT Art Museum after long travels.

In 1803 Gerhard von Kügelgen painted the charismatic UT Rector and Professor of Physics Georges Frédéric Parrot who was also a close acquaintance of the artist. The portrait completed in 1803 and the replica made later by the artist went missing at the beginning of the 20th century.

At the beginning of 2016 the university was contacted by a US art dealer who was selling the inheritance of a family who travelled to the US from Germany in the 1950s. The sent photographs and consultations with experts confirmed the guess that it might be the portrait of Parrot which was thought to have gone missing. Contact which began by lucky chance led to a positive outcome half a year later—the University of Tartu now owns the portrait painting of Rector Parrot.

According to Kadi Poll, Art Historian and Director of the Art Museum of Estonia, who studied the works of Gerhard von Kügelgen, the portrait discovered in the US has certain characteristics which are indications of the painting style of Gerhard von Kügelgen.

The painting will be restored and then displayed in 2017 in celebration of the 250th anniversary of Georges Frédéric Parrot. It is an invaluable addition to the gallery of UT rectors as well as Estonia’s 19th century art culture as a whole.

See the gallery by Andres Tennus on University of Tartu Facebook.

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