Rector Volli Kalm was elected board member of reputable GUILD network of research-intensive universities

On 1 and 2 June the Forum and General Assembly of the Guild of European Research Intenstive Universities (the Guild) took place in Brussels. At the meeting the Guild elected a new Board of Directors and admitted a new member university.

The General Assembly of rectors of the Guild network universities elected a new Board composed of:
•    Vincent Blondel, Catholic University of Louvain (chair)
•    Eva Åkesson, Uppsala University (vice chair)
•    Volli Kalm, University of Tartu (board member in charge of budget)
•    Anton Muscatelli, University of Glasgow 

The Guild’s Board of Directors is a standing governing body responsible for the implementation of the network’s strategic goals, management and monitoring the budget. The Board is accountable to General Assembly; its term of office is three years.

At the meeting the General Assembly decided to admit the University of Bern of Switzerland as a new member to the network.

At the Guild Forum “Universities, Research and the Future of Europe” on 1 June, members of the network and speakers invited from the European Commission and Parliament discussed how to better shape the research and innovation policy in the context of Europe’s future.

The Guild is an organisation of European research-intensive universities, founded in summer 2016.  The network opened an office in Brussels to be actively involved in the EU institutions’ policy-making process and represent the interests of 19 member universities.

Although it has operated for a short time only, the Guild has already proved to be an active and serious player in European higher education and research circles. The member universities have jointly submitted proposals for opening Framework Programme 9, and interim evaluations of Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+.

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