School of Economics moves for two years to former National Archives building

On 7 August, the University of Tartu School of Economics and Business Administration starts moving to the former National Archives building in Liivi Street to operate there until the new academic and research building Delta is completed.

Moving starts on 7 August and probably lasts for the whole week. According to Tuuli Ruus, Managing Director of School of Economics, there will be disruptions in telephone and internet connection during that period but the most important tasks like admissions to the Open University’s master’s programmes will work and employees who are involved in admissions are the first to move into new rooms. “On the morning of 8 August, student candidates are already expected to come to the new address J. Liivi 4, room 108,” Ruus added.

Delta, the academic and research building that will house the Institute of Computer Science, the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics and the School of Economics and Business Administration is to be completed by the beginning of the academic year in 2019. Head of UT Institutional Development Service Viljo Vider said that the former building of School of Economics and Business Administration will be demolished to make room for new units and requirements. “We already have the plan of demolition works; the demolition is a part of the procurement for construction. We announce the procurement by the end of August at the latest. The earliest we can start with demolition is at the end of October or beginning of November,” Vider added.

Delta, which provides sufficient space for more than 1500 students will be built in the city centre in place of the current School of Economics building and in its surrounding lots at Narva mnt 4, 10, 2b and 2d. The new address will be Narva mnt 18. The designed total area of the building is approx. 17,000 square metres, plus the underground parking lot. The project is partly financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the University of Tartu’s ASTRA project PER ASPERA. The architectural solution ICONICUM was created by a group of authors led by Illimar Truverk.

Until Delta is completed, the School of Economics will use a library, a computer classroom, six lecture halls and employees’ offices in Liivi street. There is not, however, space for all studies and this is why some of the lectures will be held in the university’s main building at Ülikooli 18, and in the academic buildings at Lossi 36, J. Liivi 2 and Näituse 2.

Additional information: Tuuli Ruus, Managing Director, UT School of Economics and Business Administration, 737 6316,
Viljo Vider, Head of Institutional Development Service, UT Estates Office, 737 5136,

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