Transition to new study information system starts on 1 December

Modules necessary for students in the new study information system (SIS2) are ready for use after testing and troubleshooting, and students will be able to start using the system on 1 December.

The following modules for students are ready for use:

  • courses, curricula and continuing education;
  • learner profile, viewing academic results, timetables and “My Timetable”;
  • viewing and sending messages;
  • registration for courses and subject groups;
  • registration for course waiting list.

The final versions of the modules were developed based on testers’ comments and suggestions for improvement. In the course of development, all modules were evaluated by academic affairs specialists, programme directors and students. The comments received as feedback were divided into three groups. Critical errors are rectified by 1 December. Other important comments will be taken into consideration in spring 2019 and the third group of suggestions, over a longer period.

Development will continue on modules that support students in planning their learning path and studies. By spring 2019 also the feedback module will be completed.

Some failures may still occur when using the new modules. We appreciate your understanding and expect feedback on errors to the email address

In November, the reliability of SIS2 was evaluated. The system was tested under a load, with 15,000 users.

After students, the new study information system will be available for work for all teaching staff members, programme directors and academic affairs specialists. SIS2 will be fully operable by the autumn semester.

SIS1 remains open for students until the beginning of the spring semester, giving access to the materials of past courses. Students also have to give feedback to the autumn semester courses in SIS1. From 11 February 2019, the beginning of the spring semester, SIS2 will be the only study information system for students.

During the transition to the new study information system, training will be provided. Currently there are training sessions for academic affairs specialists, and starting from December, for tutors, i.e. volunteer student advisors.

For university employees, the current study information system will be available for use until SIS2 is fully implemented. Still, it should be taken into account that students will not be using SIS1 in the spring semester and cannot therefore view study materials in SIS1.

More information about SIS2 development is available on the intranet.

Further information: Kristel Mikkor, Head of Office of Academic Affairs, 737 5508,
                                     Nevil Reinfeldt, Head of Information Technology Office, 737 5613,
                                     Gert Post, SIS project manager,